Our Super Lifting Pack is exclusive item without competitor since it is developed and patented by Pico Bio Central Research Center. With single prescription for complex beauty, this product aims at solving skin ageing problems including sagging skin, enlarged pores, skin discoloration, fine wrinkles and fat formation.

Lifting Effect of Super Lifting Polymer (Patent No. 10-0904552)
▪It is high molecular polymer that is made of dissolved porous mineral. It absorbs carbon dioxide in the air and transforms to gel form when contacting slightly acid skin. In the process of gelation, porous inorganic compound is adsorbed onto skin impurities and decomposes fat, lifting strongly sagging skin. Thus it improves wrinkles and makes the skin resilient.
Effects and efficacy: Powerful lifting, wrinkle improvement, skin whitening, impurity removal, fat decomposition.

Effect of Wrinkle Improvement
▪ This product is absorbed fast into the skin as it contains Copper Tripeptide, Acetyl Hexapeptide, Palmitoylpentateptide. Thus, it increases collagen by compounding with aged cells, giving resilience to skin as well as improving wrinkles.

Anti-aging & Whitening Effect of Fruit Extract of Oriental Raisin Tree (Hovenia dulcis THUNB)  (Patent No. 0536744)
▪ Fruit extract of Oriental raisin tree prevents skin aging since it contains 13% of sugar including fructose, sugar, glucose, catalase, peroxidase and microelements such as calcium,  triterpenoids, hovenic acid, rutin, potassium, iron.
Effect and efficacy: Anti-oxidant effect, immunity enhancement, reduction of skin stress, promotion of skin nutrition flow, deintoxication.

Effects of Blood Circulation Promotion and Fat Decomposition
▪ This product encourages blood circulation as it contains green tea extract, caffeine, beta-glucan, and Green No.8. Moreover, it decomposes unnecessary fat, adjusting facial line as well as keeping the skin resilient.

Pore Contracting Effect
▪ Herb Green No.8 which is vegetable ingredient, extracted from 8 kinds of herbs, contracts pores and makes the skin smooth and soft.

Adenosinesome (Functional anti wrinkle ingredient, notified by Korea Food and Drug Administration)
This ingredient is element of ATP that is essential for activity of living organism. It is easily absorbed into cells and synthesized in vivo. This important substance adjusts various metabolism and improves skin resilience as well as wrinkles by increasing collagen.

  • What is Adenosine, nano-liposome:This technology transforms substance with insolubility, sudden changeability and fat solubility to Mixed Micelle form that is similar to cell membrane.
    (Mixed Micell is small sized particle with hydrophile property and lipophilicity. It is similar to skin structure and the size is smaller than liposome: : 60∼300nm).

    Functional substance, Adenosine which is active ingredient of Adenosinesome, reaches blood vessel, activating skin structure as well as eliminating fine wrinkles

Description of Super Lifting Pack Formulation

1. Product Ingredients

  • Formulated material :
    It is highly concentrated essence, consisted of viscosity agent, purified water and skin improvement     ingredient which is effective    for skin resilience, pore contraction, skin whitening,  skin renewal, fat decomposition and wrinkle improvement.
  • Formulated material :
    This is solution, consisted of purified water and super lifting polymer which promotes gelation.

2. Mechanism of lifting action

Gelation promoting super lifting polymer ingredient hardens quickly when absorbing carbon dioxide in the air or at low pH. Then, viscosity increases, featuring strong contract effect.
When applying mixture of 1st formulated material and 2nd material to the skin, the surface of air contact enlarges and it absorbs rapidly carbon dioxide. Then, reaction occurs with slightly acid skin, and gelation is quickly generated as pH decreases. Contraction occurs immediately when gelated material sticks strongly to the skin, showing skin lifting effect.

Before & After




1. Open the lid of LIFTING PACK until open line.
2. Push polymer cap aside and remove it. Then put all into the container.
3. Shake strongly for about 30 minutes to mix. Open the lid fully and mix well with dedicated brush until it becomes transparent gel again.
4. After face wash, spread this product evenly over the face, avoiding eyes. After 10~15 minutes, skin tightens strongly. After applying to the face, fan gently with folding fan, then the effect shall be more enhanced with fresh feeling.
5.It will become perfectly dry in 20-30 minutes, wash and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
6.After adjusting skin with skin, apply enough wrinkle cream to be absorbed.

Symptoms when using lifting Pack

  • Flushed face
    It is seen by activation of capillaries due to strong lifting effect. It is similar symptom of face flush upon fast blood circulation or alcohol drinking. It disappears after 30 minutes~1 hour. If this symptom continues over 24 ~48 hours, please stop using this product since it is regarded as trouble.
  • Skin irritation
    It is caused by instantaneously strong lifting effect. Sensitive skin can be felt irritated, however, you can use this product safely as it is not side effect.
  • Itchy symptoms
    It is caused when harden pack is cracked. In particularly, dry skin can be felt itchier. However, you can use this product safely as it is not side effect.