• How Pepplus Super Lifting Works

  • As we get old, our skin loses collagen and moisture that are important to keep elasticity of the skin. Have you ever thought where this skin aging starts from? Answer is the top of our head, the scalp. We often miss the part that our scalp is getting old just as our face and neck does, when the scalp even does harder work to hold bunch of hairs that are falling downward. This is why our skincare system starts with the Special Care Shampoo to improve the health and elasticity of the scalp which does all hard work holding the rest that are below.

  • Polymer, one of main ingredients, helps to clean out old dead skin cells and smoothen the surface. 3 different peptides, that also are some of main ingredients, helps collagen to be more active. As result, it makes your skin look brighter & smoother, improves elasticity and reduce visibility of wrinkle. Not only result of this mask pack normally lasts up to 3 days and constant usage helps to improve your original skin condition. 

  • Lifting Up Mask Pack